Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital

Medical Facility Wall Art

This unique project is a result of the creative genius of designer Ted Cohen who is on the art committee at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital and Stanford hospitals. He came to us with the idea and we were thrilled to partner with him to make his concept a reality. Blow Up owners Carol and Frank collaborated on all steps it took to create and install these amazing pieces. Ted wanted to make portholes on the corridor where the kids are rolled into surgery, so they would feel like they are in a submarine looking out at cheerful, tropical fish as they pass on the gurney.

The result you see here is even more impressive when you see the huge, four foot diameter portholes in person. The Monterey Bay Aquarium founded by Lucille Packard’s husband, David, donated the fish images from their archives. Ted and Carol chose all the fish photos and Frank printed all the layers on materials approved for hospital safety. We hope the children who have to roll down that corridor feel a little better as a result.