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Barbara Vaughn

Print Fine Art Photography

We love working with “BV” on all her projects and we really like her art.  Blow Up prints Barbara Vaughn’s fine art photographs with archival inks on rag paper and on photo satin paper mounted to aluminum, mostly in very large sizes.  She is represented by Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco, and shows at Friesen Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho.  Her images are all photos of water reflections, but look like rich, abstract paintings.  They are magnificent in person. Visit BV’s Website

Fletcher Benton

Print Fine Art

Fletcher Benton is primarily known as a sculptor, but he also draws, paints and makes fine art prints. We printed these two art pieces of his on Arches paper with archival inks, in editions of 150 each. They are small but precious. And, we like them so much we wanted to share them on our site. Visit Fletcher’s Website

Dominque Caron

Scan Paintings

Dominique often has us scan her paintings so she has high-resolution digital files to use for all kinds of purposes. We occasionally make fine art prints for her, but she is primarily a painter. We love her and her work. Lunch soon? Visit Dominique’s Website

Joe Burull

Print Photography

We enjoy making large format photographic prints on enhanced matte photo papers for Joe. He is a great guy and a great photographer. His western U.S. series is clever and worth seeking out on his website. Visit Joe’s Website

Rebecca Holland

Scan and Print Paintings

As you can see from these examples, Rebecca is a refined painter with an incredible eye for detail. Her landscapes are wondrous and we always like her visits to the Lab. We scan her original paintings and make archival, fine art prints to her perfection/satisfaction. She often exclaims how much she likes and appreciates the results we produce from her art. Visit Rebecca’s Website

Roberto Soncin Gerometta

Print Photography

Venice native but now San Francisco based photographer, Roberto Soncin Gerometta asked Blow Up Lab to print, mount and frame his one-man exhibitions at Arte Italia and Museo Italo Americano, featuring his photographs of “Riflessi Veneziani” (Venetian Reflections). Also an old friend of ours, we enjoyed helping Roberto and curator Mary Steiner produce this beautiful show. Each image was ink-jet printed on photo satin paper with archival inks, UV laminated, mounted to gator board and framed with dark wood float molding. A display of contemporary Murano glass was included as an accent to the exhibition. Visit Roberto’s Website

Francois Miglio

Scan and Print Paintings

A Southern France and Oakland resident, François is an oil pastels painter. He uses a unique technique to create his “geometric” images, which he can explain better than we can. So please visit his website to learn more about his art application practices and theories which are based on “fractal syncretism”. You can see here how incredibly detailed his paintings are when completed. It takes him many months just to create one. Therefore, we often scan his original paintings and make fine art prints on canvas for his clients and exhibitions. Visit Francois’s Website

Moulin Studios

Scan and Print Historical Photographs

Tom Moulin, now in his 80s, is the 3rd generation of Moulin family photographers to keep the archives alive and well. His Welsh wife, Jean, manages the business and runs around town making it all happen. We are thrilled whenever Jean brings old negatives and glass plates for us to scan and print. Their images are so important and key to Bay Area history. They sell prints and usage rights to anyone who wants a piece of their incredibly well photographed, historical archives. Please check out their website and tell Jean I sent you! Visit Moulin Studio’s Website

Woodward Payne

Scan and Print Paintings

A painter of watercolors and oils, as well as an aerial photographer, Woody is an all-time favorite artist. We have scanned and made fine art prints of his work over the years, but also placed his original paintings in many collections. He is an incredible artist and we wish we saw him and his lovely wife Beverly (also a photographer) as much as we used to, in “the good ole” hiking days on Mount Tam. Visit Woody’s Website

Valentin Popov

Scan and Print Art

Although Valentin is primarily a painter, he is sometimes a print-maker. Blow Up Lab occasionally scans and prints his art. We did an entire show on backlit film of unique, acetate prints and a small edition of archival, paper prints from paintings we scanned of the other three images shown here. You can see his original art works at Modernism art gallery in San Francisco or go to his website to also see his amazing project painting portraits of 100 Americans, which includes yours truly… Blow Up Lab owners, Carol and Frank. Visit Valentin’s Website

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