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Trade Show Graphics

For a Microsoft launch of new software products (produced by Marna Clark and Camilla Bravo), Blow Up Lab printed the stage banners on canvas.  We also printed 4 x 8 foot photographs on satin photo paper. We then built wood stands and laminated and mounted the photographs on gator board.  All were installed at convention centers for this exclusive Microsoft trade show event.

Wild Aid

Traveling Show Graphics

Blow Up Lab printed all these full-wall graphics for Wild Aid on satin photo paper, laminated and mounted to portable display walls we built in our shop, to collapse and pack easily for travel and display at multiple locations promoting shark education and awareness. We appreciate this organization and all their efforts.

SEGA Corporation

Trade Show Props

The popular gaming company SEGA hired Blow Up Lab to create larger than life cut-outs of characters from their games to travel to many trade shows in multiple locations.  Blow Up printed each image on satin photo paper.  We then laminated and mounted them to gator board.  Finally, we saw-cut and easel backed them at about 8 to 9 feet tall per character.  People, especially gamers, loved them.

Joe Boxer

Trade Show Graphics

For several years, when Joe Boxer was headquartered in SF, Blow Up produced many projects of all kinds for them. Here is one example of a trade show booth for which we printed and mounted all the graphics. It traveled around the country to a variety of trade shows at that time. It was a fun company to work for in its heyday. We miss having them in the neighborhood.

Light & Motion

Trade Show Graphics

Blow Up printed and mounted many graphics for Monterey based Light & Motion, a neat company that manufactures housing for underwater cameras. They have a cool office by the ocean near the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Their products make it possible for cameras to work submerged in water, which is an awesome thing in our opinion. We printed these trade show graphics for them on satin photo paper. Then we laminated and mounted them to gator board.

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