Art and Photography

Blow Up Lab prints fine art and photography on acid-free, museum “rag” papers, cotton blend canvases and other natural fabrics. Our professional fine art printers  utilize archival, pigment-based, aqueous ink systems rated to last approximately 75 to 200 years against fading, depending on the ink and media combination.

We work with artists to customize their projects; and offer one-on-one computer sessions with our master printers and/or Photoshop experts. For artists who want to print editions as ordered, rather than incurring the expense of printing an entire edition in advance of sales, we manage a “print-on-demand” digital archive.

Throughout the art world, we have also noticed digital, ink-jet prints under various other identities, such as pigment prints and ultra-chrome prints, to name a few. In most cases, it seems Epson printers are the most preferred for ink-jet produced fine art.

Note about Giclée

Giclée is a funny word. We don’t know how it got started as the term for fine art, digital prints, but we are asked all the time if we make “giclée” prints. And the answer is: Giclée means to “squirt or spurt” in French. So it became an English term, which means to “squirt” ink. Thus, ALL ink-jet prints are giclées. And all Blow Up Lab uses are ink-jet printers. So, the answer is YES. But, we also know giclée implies only using archival inks and media, which is also our specialty.

Process and Service