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Everyone who takes Snap Shots!

Before digital imaging, there were many large-format chemical photo labs in San Francisco. Blow Up Lab is the only one that is still in business, likely because we were the first to convert to 100% digital and closed our chemical department while others tried to keep both going simultaneously. Whatever the reason, because our background was professional photo enlarging for many years, our digital photography is much higher quality than most of our competitors, who are not from the traditional photo reproduction past. We are only a custom, quality printer, even if our clients just want to print simple, fun snaps.


Smart Phone Photos

All of you with smart devices who love to take pictures!

Blow Up Lab’s unique interpolation algorithms allow us to make stunning large-format prints from most smart phones on the market. Everyone can be a photographer these days, and everyone can come to Blow Up Lab virtually, or in person, to get your favorite smart phone photos printed on a variety of media to hang on your walls or give as gifts. A chance to enjoy off your phone, enhance your environment or share with loved ones. And, hey, they look even better big!


Instagram Prints

All instagram fans!

Did you know that Instagram throws away over 90% of your original image so it can travel faster over the internet? But, don’t panic, if you want a custom, quality print of your favorite Instagrams, Blow Up Lab has developed a special technique to print your images large, but hold enough resolution to make them look really good on a variety of papers or canvas. Send us any of your Instagram files via our website or email and we can print and ship to you in 48 biz hours!


iPanorama Prints

People who love Panoramic Pictures

One of the least used features on the iPhone is the ability to shoot stunning, large-format panoramas. As long-time fans of panoramic photography, we encourage all of you with this capacity to start using it and get your files to Blow Up Lab to reproduce the amazing panoramas you can create on your iPhones. We are sure you will be amazed at the quality and richness you will see when we bring these photos to life in large-format, like old-fashioned cinemascope!


Family Photographs

Print and Restore your favorite family photographs!

Blow Up Lab often makes custom prints of family photos when high-quality results are the goal. We are also one of the best scanners of old family photos so they can be archived digitally, printed in multiples for all relatives, and, if needed, restored to best original match, if damaged or faded. We love working with family photos as they are always cherished by their owners.


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