The Blow Up Lab conversion from traditional, chemical photo processors to a 100% green, digital system 15 years ago was an avant-garde transformation. We were the first photo lab in the area to shut down the chemical printers, which were being monitored by the EPA for silver in waste-water and produced toxic fumes. This significant change represented a positive, paradigm shift in the industry, one in which we were proud to be a leader.

This green system occurred by eliminating all old equipment and installing a variety of state-of-the-art computers, software, scanners and printers. It also cut water usage by 95% and electrical energy consumption by 80%. We also have much higher productivity due to our computers' and printers' enhanced capacities.

Fortunately, the digital printing industry also started manufacturing green supplies such as non-toxic, aqueous, vegetable-base, archival inks; 100% cotton (rag), acid-free, papers and canvases; as well as acid-free mounting substrates and adhesives. All of which we stock and use daily. The prints we make with these materials, on this equipment are therefore 100% non-toxic and recyclable, too.

Our packaging materials are also recyclable since we mostly pack our products with craft paper, cardboard and wood crates. And we recycle mounting board scraps by donating them to local art programs.

We practice all eco-friendly options currently available in all aspects of our business, and we own an electric vehicle for errands and job deliveries!

– Frank McGrath and Carol Covington, Owners

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