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Frank McGrathFrank McGrath
Master Digital Printer

Bio Summary

Frank McGrath is a photographer, digital printing master and Photoshop wizard, who has owned and operated the Blow Up Lab since 1977, which he purchased soon after he received his BA in photography from SFSU.

One of the last standing of the old, San Francisco photo labs which were all chemical processors, Frank was on the forefront of the digital imaging transformation. Realizing in the mid '90s that digital printing was the future for his industry, Frank was the first large-format photo lab in the city to convert from traditional, chemical photo-processing to 100% digital image processing in 1999.

Always experimenting and following technological advancements, Frank prides himself on his ability to offer clients custom, state-of-the-art digital production. He has helped many of his clients realize their art and projects in exceptional ways through his expertise, knowledge and talent, which (they will be the first to say) could not have been accomplished without him.

Passion Statement:

Frank  Renan Production Snap"When I was in primary school, many years ago, I was one of the first group of kids to be diagnosed with dyslexia, which always made going to class a very painful experience. Then, my sophomore year in high school, I took a course in photography and my world changed drastically, overnight! It was as if my brain caught on fire and, at last, I had finally found something I was able to do with exceptional results! All of a sudden I was consumed by this desire to learn and explore this art medium. School was no longer something to dread, but something to look forward to with great anticipation! I worked on my photographic art day and night, cramming in as much time as I could, shooting and developing in the darkroom before, during and after school. I feel I was very lucky that year because I discovered my passion... photography. It consumed my life and is still as interesting to me today as it was then. In fact, I am even more passionate about digital imaging than I was about analog photography. It's still exciting to go to work at the Blow Up Lab, as every day our varied clients bring us new challenges and projects that need creative and technical solutions I enjoy working on and solving."

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